Before you put your home on the market with a big "For Sale" sign in the front yard, here are a few tips to get it ready.

1. Replace the word "home" with HOUSE - or CONDO
You are now selling a product- Forget about how your children played in the yard until they created a bare spot in the middle of the lawn from all their soccer games. Forget the holiday dinners that left the scorch mark on the kitchen counter. The buyers are not going to view your listing's imperfections with the same sense of nostalgia.  Imagine that you are going to the market. Would you buy the dented can of peas with the torn label rather than the one in perfect condition - for the same price - just because the farmer planted the peas with a tractor that his children had named?  Probably not!
Companies spend a lot of time and money to make sure that their products stand out on the store shelves and appeal to the general consumer - and you should too!  Prepare your home to appeal to as many current buyers 
2. Don't be moved by your children who say that you have to keep the penciled growth chart by the kitchen door!
Honestly, this one is always hard for me. I love my children. I love the pencil marks! But you are selling your HOUSE - you are MOVING - and you can either 
  • Take a picture and paint over the pencil marks before the buyers start looking - or
  • Have a handyman cut the cherished wall board or molding out and replace it -Then you can install it in your new home. 

What Improvements Don't Value To Your Home?

Not Everything that a Seller Loves is Going to Add Value to Your Home. Some of the "Improvements" just add to your enjoyment. 
Here are a few that may end up costing you money:
The Pool! 
It is hard to know if a buyer is going to want the pool. They may see a training ground for the future Michael Phelps or they may see expense, time, and possibly even a safety hazard -particularly if they have young children! A seller may be throwing tens of thousands of dollars away because the future buyers just don’t want a pool. One example I remember is a home that backed to the Beltway. It was noisy – very noisy- and you could actually see the Beltway through the trees, so the yard was not particularly private. This house had a pool! Not a single buyer who came through the house saw that pool as an advantage. No one imagined themselves hanging out with friends and family in that pool as the trucks roared by! 
On the other hand, there are some neighborhoods in the DC metro area where every other house has a pool.  In that case, the seller may need to have pool to measure up against the competition! 

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Places of imprtance for Ashburton